Irene Agrivina
Biofuel, Exobiology, Microbiology, Symbiosis, Water Purification


Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Livelihoods

Biofuel, Exobiology, Microbiology, Symbiosis, Water Purification

Irene Agrivina


Irene Agrivina (b. 1976, Indonesia) is an artist, technologist, and educator who works at the intersection between art, science, and technology. She is a founding member and current co-director of House of Natural Fiber (HONF) in Yogyakarta. Agrivina is engaged in collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and multimedia actions responding to social, cultural, and environmental challenges. In response to the needs of societies in development and transition, HONF and EFP apply open, collaborative and sustainable actions that systematically expand or convert accessible technologies to be used as multifunctional tools and methodologies. For example, HONF has developed a simple DIY filtration system involving coconut palm fibers, gravel, and stones for local residents affected by the water pollution from the volcanic eruption of Mt Merapi in 2010.

Agrivina graduated from the Visual Communication Design Program at the Indonesia Institute of Art (ISI), Yogyakarta and subsequently went on to study at the Culture and Religion Magister Program at Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta. She also co-founded XXLab in 2013, an all-female collective focusing on arts, science, and free technology. One of the projects that emerged from XXLab, SOYA C(O)U(L)TURE, 2015 was crowned as the winner of the 2015 Prix Ars Electronica awards. Her projects have been presented internationally at IFVA New Media Art Festival, Hong Kong (2017); 5th Anyang Public Art Project, South Korea (2016); Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria (2015); and Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland (2013).

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2020 Design with the Living, the Design Museum, London, United Kingdom
2020 Welcoming the international Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, Indonesia
2020 Jacking to live, Datespuren, CCC Dresden, Germany
2019 Techno Optimism and Eco Hacktivism, NTU CCA, Singapore
2019 Domestic Hacking, World Art Summt, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018 Circular Material Lab, London, United Kingdom
2016 Research for Arts+Science+Technology, APAP, Anyang, South Korea

Selected Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 NTU CCA Ideasfest 2023 Food: Eat. Secure. Sustain., Singapore
2019 Tajin, Indonesian Women Artists: Into The Future, National Gallery of Indonesia
2017 C6H1206 + 02, HKAC, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong
2016 C6H1206 + 02, Data for Life, Pacific Place, Jakarta Indonesia
2012 The Song of the River, HONF, The New Museum Triennale, New York, USA

Selected Residencies

2019 NTU CCA Residency
2019 IAS: Rural Utopias, York, Western Australia
2015 Bel Ordinaire, Pau, France

Selected Awards

2018 Selected by Asialink as one of Six Women in Pioneer from South East Asia and Australia
2017 Vera List Prize Nominee, Centre for Arts and Politics New School, New York, USA
2015 SOYA C(O)U(L)TURE - XXLAB, Prix Ars Electronica, Austria