Tang’s work reflects a deep concern for ecological crises and mass extinction, drawing influences from acoustic ecology, phenomenology, electronic, and experimental music. His practice involves capturing sonic emanations of non-human inhabitants and translating audible phenomena into visual experiences using a mix of analogue and digital technologies. The studio becomes a testing ground for immersive multisensorial installations that visualize and animate field recordings from various natural environments in Singapore. This process allows Tang to create alternative connections between humans and non-humans, challenging anthropocentric hierarchies and conventional understandings of nature. He experiments with new sound compositions and modes of listening, pushing the boundaries of conventional perception. Additionally, he explores drawing as a means of creating "visual scores" in response to his soundscapes, further expanding how he communicates his artistic concepts.

His immersive and reflexive experiences have been showcased in various international exhibitions and festivals, including the Busan Biennale, NTT InterCommunication Center in Tokyo, and the Singapore Biennale. Tang's artistic process is rooted in the exploration of human and nonhuman connectivity and offers a unique perspective on the urgency of listening to and understanding nature in the face of environmental challenges.