Sun Woo Yoon
Environmental Ethics, Environmental Politics, Multispecies, Speculative
Blue and white watercolor painting of a map.


Risk, Resilience and Resistance

Environmental Ethics, Environmental Politics, Multispecies, Speculative

Archival Documentation, Writing

Sun Woo Yoon


Dead Birds

Blue and white watercolor painting of a map.

Sun Woo Yoon Sui, Dead Birds, 2022, paint and watercolour. Courtesy the artist.

Watercolor paintings on a white wall.

Sun Woo Yoon Sui, Dead Birds, 2022, paint and watercolour. Courtesy the artist.

Dead Birds is a series of paintings completed during Sun Woo's artist in residence at the School of Visual Arts under the Painting and Mixed Media program. The series seeks to uncover a subconscious, affective way of explaining Manhattan and Queens, where they spent their time sketching, observing, and reading — with a focus placed on the ecological histories that made up the parts of the city.

The paintings were exhibited alongside 24 intuitive, symbolic drawings of objects and ideas — drawings and shapes that make up the compositional arrangements of their paintings.

The Dead Wake

Graphite map of the ocean.

Sun Woo Yoon Sui, The Dead Wake, graphite, 2023. Courtesy of artist.

This project investigates the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (the Patch) as a contested and paradoxical site of disposal, circulation, and fluidity. Through an engagement with gyres, currents, plastics, marine bodies, and migrational histories, the project presents the Patch as a haunted site of the Anthropocene— one in which various types of ghosts mingle and converge in a manner that disrupts common divisions such as land/sea and life/death. This investigation is necessarily a hybrid one,  utilizing shifts in tone and form to explore the Patch through multiple forms of knowledge representation, including theoretical analysis, close reading, diagramming, personal reflections, maps, and imaginative experiments.


Sun Woo Yoon

Sun Woo Yoon (b. 2001, Guatemala) is a Guatemalan-Korean artist, researcher, and environmental activist. He works with a variety of media through which he explores the affective quality of the Anthropocene where ecological kinships with fungi, the ocean, and fossil fuels abound. He is a residency alumni at the School of Visual Arts where his work was exhibited at the Painting and Mixed Media group show in July 2022. Currently he is working on research into the tangled epistemic relations between the ocean and its plastics through an exploration of maps, affective geographies, and marine gyres.

Yoon's methodology involves various reflexive processes of research, drawing, and writing -- all of which are treated as important modes of knowing which inform one another. Working with archives, collected stories, and scientific articles. Yoon's methodology is transdisciplinary and messy, and thus his work centers maps, diagrams, and experimental writings that exist in line to the complex world of the Anthropocene he attempts to understand.

Selected Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Waves of Change Festival, ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Selected Residencies

2023 Termites Growth Season: Weaving Knots, Shodoshima, Japan
2022 Painting and Mixed Media Residency, School of Visual Arts, New York City, United States

Selected Awards

2023 Outstanding Capstone Project in Environmental Studies, 2023, Yale-NUS College, Singapore